Legacy Apartments in Wollo Sefer

How would you like to take a jog on the rooftop running track of this well designed and almost complete apartment building just off of Wollo Sefer Road?  Legacy Apartments has only a few units available for sale and is currently undergoing finishing works conservatively estimated to be complete in 6-9 months.

Current state of Legacy Apartments

A gym is also included for the enjoyment of residents and 4 levels of basement parking means that you will never have to worry about finding a spot to put your car.  Other features include CCTV and intercom systems in addition to pre-installed, unified satellite dish wiring to each unit.

  • Mechanical, vented ventilation for kitchens, basement, bathrooms
  • Fire suppression and safety features
  • Satellite, telephone and internet wiring preinstalled
  • High quality (1cm thick) porcelain flooring
  • Extremely durable sanitary and waste piping systems to minimize leakage problems
  • Inclusive of all finishing materials including kitchen cabinets and closets
View from 10th floor of Legacy Apartments.

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