Presidio offers the following services to help you evaluate, acquire, develop or administer existing real estate assets such that you are able to maximize the results you expect from your investment.

Residential & Commercial Property Management

Comprehensive property management can help remove the headaches associated with administering one or more rental properties.  We provide a strong set of services based on a studied understanding of many of the pain points landlords generally encounter with their investments including standardized lease contracts, monitored repairs, periodic inspections, worry free rent collection & forwarding, managing tenant acquisition, move in and move out as well as enforcement of contracts as required.  Tax filing & payments as well as official notifications of rental status changes can also be included based on the service package of your choice.


Organized repair services are extremely rare in Addis which is why Presidio attaches a great deal of importance to making available pre-screened professionals who can be available at a moment’s notice to effect competent repairs using quality materials whenever the need arises.  Furthermore, Presidio will inspect the defect requiring repair before and after work has been completed ensuring that your property’s value is kept intact throughout.

Outsourced Marketing & Sales

Our extensive background in the real estate sector means we can bring highly effective sales & marketing capabilities if you need it.  Furthermore, these capabilities are enhanced by a significant network of brokers and other sales professionals both domestically and abroad that can be deployed on your behalf if you wish to sell a single villa, rent an apartment or are a developer needing an offtake solution for an entire project or more.

Market Research

The Ethiopian real estate sector continues to be a mystery to many observers who cannot understand the rapid pace of development within it, the dramatic rates of property value appreciation or the recently moderating rental rates seen in both commercial and residential leasing.  Many factors act on this market and the dearth of reliable market data makes it doubly hard to secure a reasonably accurate understanding of the sector.  We can help bring clarity with the provision of services that can gather market data for your needs, guided by our own experience and knowledge of what is available, hard to get and just not possible if that might indeed be the case.

Consulting & Valuation

Beyond the simple provision of particular market research, we also offer you the benefit of consulting services that can help you shape a project, decide on entering into an investment or exiting one.  If you’re looking to engage on a new project, we can give you advice that includes typical development costs, desired product features, estimated sales/leasing revenue and valuation of properties for development as well.