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Presidio is a provider of premium real estate services aimed at helping its clients identify opportunity, create, preserve and add value to real estate investment. Whether you are seeking to make a new investment in real estate or looking for a comprehensive solution to managing an existing rental property, we have the tools, expertise and networks to add value for you.


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    It may be the most hyped thing in the Ethiopian real estate market right now.  But concrete information on Diaspora mortgages is a bit hard to come […]
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    What you don’t know about how developers calculate the area of an apartment you might be considering buying, could cost you millions. The more you […]
  • Should you invest in Addis real estate?
    Real estate in Addis has somewhat of a checkered history. And to some extent, we might expect it to in a rapidly developing city which is […]


New Hope Homes in Lebbu

Betopia Properties brings you a unique, resort like community that we haven’t seen any comparison to in Addis yet! A 14,000sqm community with [...]

Legacy Apartments in Wollo Sefer

Harambee Apartments in Old Airport