Introducing The Most Exclusive Address In Town

SOLD OUT and Delivered to buyers in 2020.  

If there’s a better location in town for high end apartments, we don’t know about it!  And we know quite a bit about real estate in Addis.   What’s more, Liyu Executive Apartmentsis fully complete with most units rented out at premium rates.  That’s why we’re very confident that an apartment at Liyu is one of the best investments you can make in Ethiopia!


The best location for apartments on the Addis market ever!

It’s very simple.  Real estate value is defined more by location than anything else.  In Addis, delivery is also extremely important.  And Liyu Executive Apartments is just months away from occupancy.

Why Liyu’s location is so special…

Convenient Walking distance to European Union, World Bank, Antica, Mamokacha, Rakan Mall & more
Secluded 50m off Cape Verde Str and on a quiet, tree lined street with a long driveway
Secure Sharing the street with several embassies and high end homes, security is something you’ll never have to worry about here
Ready You will be able to take possession of Liyu Executive Apts immediately, not several years!

So many reasons to choose Liyu!

Today’s real estate market holds many properties which cost more than Liyu per square meter for less desirable locations and with mostly much longer delivery timeframes. Are you looking for an investment with great returns? Liyu is your answer? Want to live on highly secured street but yet be steps away from a great cup of coffee? Dining? Shopping? Liyu is your answer for these criteria and more!

1. The best apartment location you could hope to find in Addis
2. 100% complete! Take possession immediately.
3. Exceptionally secure neighborhood
4. Very good rental yield—proximity to EU, World Bank and many embassies
5. Exclusive—just 13 residences in small, quiet, secluded yet accessible street

So talk to us today to secure one of the few remaining units.  Or for rental availability.