Ghion Financial & Presidio Announce Partnership

In what is a major boost for Diaspora buyers trying to link up with safe, credible and effective real estate ownership opportunities in Ethiopia, Presidio Asset Management and Ghion Financial Services have recently concluded a partnership agreement which will allow them to offer extended realty and mortgage support services to Ethiopians all over the world for the Addis market.

Ghion Financial is a tax and financial advisory firm which has been serving the Ethiopian community in the Washington DC area for over 15 years.  It’s long history in the community and key office locations in the Skyline, Falls Church as well as Silver Spring, MD area is a strong advantage for residents (and frequent visitors) in the area to have a convenient location to be served from.

Presidio is a leading real estate service firm located in Addis Ababa providing prospective real estate buyers with a variety of options (locations, developers, budgets and more), mortgage consulting and related services in addition to regularly publishing industry leading research on the real estate sector.

Together, Ghion and Presidio offer Diaspora home buyers a groundbreaking service which will ease the process of buying a home considerably!